creative campaigns

As part of communicating the brand throughout parallel medium, creative advertising is the main channel that promotes your identity and shines in front of the public eye-and as we call it, ” The first date” you can either go home as friends or have breakfast together in the morning!

Again, at FrogCell, we help you choose the tie! It is very essential to have everything exactly like it should be in that formula because throughout our long hectic day and from the moment you wake up from bed, to the refrigerator, to the radio on your way to work and the banners right and left; you, at least, witness hundreds of logos and brands from all sectors… But what really counts is the brand that makes you slow down for a deeper gaze!

Creative advertising is not just look and feel, what we offer is an extensive, well managed agenda formed to interpret the brand using the appropriate tools, but most importantly… The right timing!

To summarize that, we at FrogCell prefer to call it Creative Services where we help the client with minor details starting from the message conveyed throughout the campaign to the necessary nourishment of the actual product to the arrangement of the photo shoot (if necessary) to the hiring of the bouncers and representative while abiding to a certain choice criteria… Until finally we reach the final stage of implementation and production; and we have our-self a campaign!

“Don’t expect the work to speak for itself. Even the most ingenious solutions must be sold.”
Suzanne Young, Communications Strategist


  • Gathering a full detailed brief from the client
  • Brainstorming sessions to trigger the campaign idea
  • Managing a fully detailed execution schedule with actual deadlines
  • Logistics handling; photoshoot, models, special requirements, …etc
  • Creative Design and Artwork phase; including the feedback and amendments phase
  • Implementation and production.