Online Solutions

“Cybermedia require nonlinear thinking, inviting interfaces, and creative intelligence.”
Stella Gassaway, Stellarvisions

More than any other application, a website simulates the brand personality of a company. Its palette of engaging content, sound, movement, and color creates a walking, talking interactive company experience. It’s the next best thing to reality, and in some cases it’s more efficient, more user-friendly, and faster. The best websites understand their customers and respect their needs and preferences.

Here we offer online services starting from static HTML/Flash Based websites to dynamic fully fledged portals. We also offer creative designs for ERP systems and intranet with good expertise on the Sharepoint and CMS platforms.

Other services include Facebook customized FBML pages with full integration with the company Blog and Website.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) designs and skin designs.

“Build it and they will come.”
The number one internet myth

Our Website Development Process

Initiate plan
Setting goals and priorities – defining key messages – rough out project plan

Build groundwork
Gather data about audience – consider content sources – evaluate existing website and defining bugs and strong points

Define structure
Map content – define logical relationships and form a site map – create user scenarios – building and testing prototypes

Prepare content
Gather content from client – decide how often content changes – refurbish content for web – review content in screen content – commission visual or media assets

Create visual design
Graphical elements, color palette and overall look and feel – layouts of key screens – integration of media

Develop technical design
Strategy for data integration – quality assurance testing plan – scalability and security – technical specifications

Finalize development
Production of screen graphics – development of templates – content freeze – test beta site for quality – usability reporting

Launch and maintain
Promote site launch – develop maintenance plan – monitor logs and user paths – measure success