Brand is the promise, the big idea, and expectations that reside in each customer’s mind about a product, service or company. Branding is about making an emotional connection. People fall in love with brands-they trust them, develop strong loyalties, buy them, and believe in their superiority. The brand is shorthand: it stands for something and demonstrates it.

“Products are created in the factory. Brands are created in the mind.”
Walter Landor, founder, Landor Associates

At FrogCell, our brand identity systems are memorable, authentic, meaningful, differentiated, sustainable, flexible, and have value. Brand identity is an asset that needs to be managed, nourished, invested in, and leveraged.

To simplify things, here are the scenarios demonstrating when we as FrogCell jump in to lift your brand:

You’ve developed a new product, and it needs a name and a logo yesterday!
You’re going public in the fall. You need to launch a world-class brand.

Your name no longer fits who you are and the business you’re in.
Your name has negative connotations in the new markets you’re serving.
Your name misleads customers.

You are a major company with cutting-edge products. Yet you look behind the times!
Your identity doesn’t position you shoulder to shoulder with your competitors.
Embarrassed when giving out your business card, you’re a big business but your card sends wrong signals!
Everyone recognizes your icon, but let’s get real, you need a serious face-lift. You need to enter the 21st century!


You have a lack of visual consistency throughout your stores/products and you need a new brand architecture to deal with acquisitions.
All of your product literature looks like they come from different companies!
Every division does their own thing when marketing. It’s inefficient, frustration, and not cost-effective. Everyone is reinventing the wheel!

“The process is the process, but then you need a spark of genius.”
Brian P. Tierney, founder/chairman, Tierney Communications

Last, but not least, this is a generated chart – interpreting the brand’s key touch points that we offer:

“Each touchpoint is an opportunity to strengthen a brand and to communicate about it’s essence.”